Magnet 3P

 (Not only) practical gadgets for your home, garden and health.

  • Home decorations

  • Clothing and accessories

  • Body care

  • Everything you need for cooking and baking

  • A number of promotional events, games and gifts for customers

What is MAGNET 3P?

Magnet 3P is a mail order store with a long tradition. You can find a wide range of practical and decorative products and handy gadgets for both your home and garden, all at great prices.

The wide product range of the Magnet 3P mail order store includes not only beautiful decorations, household supplies and handy helpers for maintaining your garden, but also health and beauty products. If you move around in the kitchen often, cooking will be a fun and relaxing activity thanks to the practical products we offer, which will make work in the kitchen a joyful and easy activity once and for all.  And to have your home spick and span, the Magnet 3P cleaning products and other supplies, which you will use every day, are the right choice for you. 

If, for any reason, you are not 100 % satisfied with the goods you have chosen and return them within 30 days of their delivery, we will exchange the goods or return your money. Return the goods to us with a filled-in claim sheet. If you return all the ordered goods within 14 days and request a refund, we will also cover the shipping and packaging costs charged in your order.

Petr WagnerGeneral Manager of PackWay s.r.o.