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Do you lack employees for completion of your products? Would you like to leave the burden of being creative and productive to someone else? We will take care of it instead of you!

We will complete your products:


Quality of work done guaranteed. We emphasize employee competency and output control.


Spend your time on important business matters, we will keep an eye on productivity and efficiency of work for you.


We will handle everything. We will turn components into finished products, pack them up and hand them over to a carrier.


Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions  s.r.o.


In the middle of last year we have been approached by a company Freudenberg Home and cleaning Solutions s.r.o with a purpose of renting storage facility for their completion activities. We have reached an agreement with the company concerning rental conditions, small amount of public works has been done and in August 2017 we have handed over the rented facility to the company for their use of completion activities. In November 2017, negotiations about co-operation extension by the completion work has started. The company was looking for a strong and experienced partner that can effectively secure workforce in relation to the volume of work and co-ordinate work in a way that maximizes productivity and efficiency. Our target was not only to be capable of reacting in a flexible manner to different volumes on different days, but as well managing and distributing the work well enough, so that the productivity does not decrease.


Our company has many years of experience in using temporary (summer) workers or seasonal workers, we can effectively react to higher volumes of work during season, we can oversee effective work distribution and maximal utilization of such workers. The company has been offered a complex care concerning part of its completion work that is carried out in our facilities – mounting and packing of two types of robotic cleaning mops of a VILEDA brand. Besides mounting and packing, we are responsible for securing service of machines intended for completion, loading finished products and conducting physical inventory check once a month. This co-operation has been running since February 2018 and so far to the satisfaction of both parties.

We have been working with PackWay s.r.o. for almost a year now. We know that our customers are taken care of well, which is one of the reasons why our entry onto the Czech market has been very successful.

Marie AyllonInternational Markets Manager, Atlas for Men, France

PackWay s.r.o. has been providing customer services for us in the Czech Republic since November 2015, and thanks to its professional approach, our customers are more than satisfied.

Petr SteinerManaging Director, Bakker Holland CZ s.r.o.

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