New markets - free risk and
no worries

“You take care of your marketing and we’ll take care of the rest. We are a strong and reliable B2B partner thanks to all the experience we have gained through our B2C activities designed for our target customers.”

Petr Wagner
General Manager PackWay s.r.o.

More markets,
more customers

We can introduce you to new markets and in sodoing maximise your sales volume. Our clients are prominent Czech, French, Dutch and Belgium companies; we help them place their in new markets and open new doors to new customers.

We offer comprehensive e-commerce services

Customer serivce

It is our pleasure to act quickly and accurately when processing orders in whatever manner they are sent to us.

Transport of goods

We will assist you in optimising your transportation costs by harmonising consignment placement and quantity for several partners.

Storage of goods

Your goods will be carefully and safely stored in a warm, clean and dry environment, just like our goods.

Completion of consignments

We will complete your customers’orders, pack them and prepare them for transportation by our contractual partners.

Marketing support

We can help boost your marketing activities – through information material inserted in our consignments, mailings and other synergies in view of our B2C activities.


We will take care of any consignments that have been returned, for you. We are fast and thorough and can update both our system and your system.

Where have we learned how to do all of this?

Practice makes perfect and we have been developing our own brands in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. We have stationed our own customer department and back office team in those countries. And it is thanks to what we do that we are aware of all the drawbacks within these markets.

We will help your brand to make it on the market.

Do you want to
work with us?

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Petra Skácelová

Business Project Manager
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