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Case study of


In September 2015, we were approached by the largest European garden and gardening supplier working in the field of mail order sales – the Dutch mail order company Bakker Holland. Bakker is a major mail order company with a long tradition in Europe. To further develop its activities, in 2015, the company sought a suitable stable and experienced partner to take charge of all the activities of its previous partner. These activities included the provision of customer services (handling incoming calls, entering orders into Bakker's IT system, making outgoing calls, receiving and processing written orders, handling emails or letters from clients, solving non-standard customer requirements and weekly reporting), the performance of logistics activities (handling consignments that have not been taken over or have been returned) and customer accountancy activities.


Thanks to the high level at which we provide customer service and logistics service and thanks to our own accounting department, our company was able to respond to the partner's requests very effectively. On 1 December 2015, our cooperation with Bakker Holland commenced successfully. In addition to the trouble-free and high-quality delivery of the services agreed upon, our cooperation had deepened in the first few months such that even our partner could benefit from our years of experience and business partnerships through the following activities:

  • preparation process for the submission of consignments, 

  • flexible connection to the partner's IT system, 

  • cooperation in marketing campaigns – putting leaflets into consignments, customer databases,

  • ensuring flexibility in processing returns – a necessity due to the specific product assortment, 

  • other synergies resulting from mutual cooperation.

PackWay s.r.o. has been providing customer services for us in the Czech Republic since November 2015, and thanks to its professional approach, our customers are more than satisfied.

Petr SteinerManaging Director, Bakker Holland CZ s.r.o.

We have been working with PackWay s.r.o. for almost a year now. We know that our customers are taken care of well, which is one of the reasons why our entry onto the Czech market has been very successful.

Marie AyllonInternational Markets Manager, Atlas for Men, France

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